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Special load pins for various applications are now the most popular form of transducer produced by Active Load.

Active Load  have supplied special  load measuring signal lever handle adaptors designed to fit over existing railway signal lever handles to measure the load to switch the signals.

Load pins were fitted to the overhead crane spreader beam that then gave the signal to trip amplifiers to protect against overload.

Modification of machine linkage to measure the tension, compressive force in the machine so that the efficiency can be monitored.

Active load has now its own handheld load indicators for both cabled load cell and telemetry.

Active Load have now designed there own Running Line Tensiometer RLT for measuring rope tension in ropes from 16mm diameter to 56mm.

Active Load have taken the opportunity to represent Datalogger of Gipuzkoa, Spain. 

Active Load supply load pins for the anchor handling winches on exploration rigs.

Active load has just supplied a special rotary torque transducer for a drive belt process engineering application.

Many variations can be applied to shackles and, with the co-operation of our shackle manufacturer, we have been able to produce special bows which allow the shackle pin to also be used in conjunction with wedge sockets as a replacement pin and are then inter-changable. 

The pin is internally straingauged to measure  shear strain at the maximuim shear plains.

Because it is measuring the shear stress, it is less affected  by bending and torque, thus making it very resilient to other external effects. This approach makes the shackle more robust than using load measuring links that are susceptible to bending and torsion.

In the Oil and Gas industry we have assessed the most frequent uses for measuring   physical properties such as strain, stress, load, pressure and torque by using strain gauges.The strain gauge can be incorporated within a transducer or be mounted onto the structure the measurement is required.

Active Load have just supplied a set of load cells for a high capacity thrust bearing.

The load cell had to be investigated using finite element analysis as the load capacity had increased from 135000N to 155000N.

The plots were to determine that the safety factor need not decrease.

In the Oil industry we have examined the most frequent uses for the load measuring pin including drill rigs, supply boat to sub-sea assemblies.

Active load has just received an order for a number of pillar load cells from one the World leaders in thrust bearings.

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Active Load provides complete transducer solution designing and manufacturing strain gauge transducers.

Strain gauge transducers are designed to be Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Transducers and any other strain related product.

Active Load will incorporate the strain gauge cells with a strain gauge amplifier to achieve an enhanced signal. Many of our strain gauge load cells are designed to be in the form of load monitoring pins to measure rope tension. Other forms taken are as load monitoring links and compressive load cell.